Merry Christmas from PWRCFS

Welcome to PWRCFS!

We have had a few requests wondering where our field is located. We are sad to report we no longer have a runway or field for that matter as the new owner of Shaw field decided not to renew our contract…

This was mostly due to unfounded concerns from someone in  the community who thought we were a commercial organization and mostly had a fear of “Drones” or RC aircraft in general…We believe education in our organization and MAAC is needed to allay any fears about the hobby we pursue….please go to the “About us” page to learn more about RC flying and the responsibilities we have to ensure a fun,safe experience for all.

In the meantime, we are now looking for a space to establish our club runway for the 2016 flying year! If you know of a space we can use please use the “Contact us” page to talk to us and find out more!

Please go to our Forum and participate in discussions about RC flying on the Island and get to know the guys who fly around Langford and area.

Time to fly!