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Posted by Boneyard Safari on Thursday, March 23, 2017


Driverless flying taxi service set to launch in Dubai



Ottawa toughens rules for operating recreational drones




Here’s How Drones Are Going to Utterly Transform Our World

Here’s How Drones Are Going to Utterly Transform Our World

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Hey guys Devan here! So as you see I made us a shiny new banner, changed the theme to something a bit more classy, and I have added a chat widget! its in your bottom right hand corner, all you have to do is put a username you desire and your email and you are set!

Now we need some rules for chat

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I think that’s good! use the contact us page if anything bad happens!

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Hello all! Names Devan! Your president (aka my father) has tasked me with repairing and making your site look better! Hopefully we can get more traffic too eh? Look forward to a nicer page! Hopefully! Probably!