A little about the Executive at PWRCFS and our association with MAAC!


Steve Weber – President –

Ryan Landa – VP and Field Operations

David Fagen – MAAC Advisor

Scott Thompson – Secretary

Scott Ross – Treasurer and FPV Advisor

Rules to live by….

As a club each of our members has a membership in MAAC ( The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada) As such we adhere to policies and procedures put forth by Transport Canada. The following are safety rules for all model aircraft…

The operation of a model aircraft in Canada is subject to rules contained in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) administered by Transport Canada. CAR 101.01 provides the legal definition of a model aircraft as follows. “ Model aircraft means an aircraft the total weight of which does not exceed 35 kg (77.2 pounds), that is mechanically driven or launched into flight for recreational purposes and that is not designed to carry persons or other living creatures”. In addition, (CAR) 602.45 states, “No person shall fly a model aircraft or a kite or launch a rocket or a rocket of a type used in a fireworks display into cloud or in a manner that is or is likely to be hazardous to aviation safety”. All members operating a model aircraft either for sport or in competition shall adhere to the following basic requirements. Because these are basic requirements and because the safe operation of a model aircraft can be influenced by many factors such as local field conditions, weather, size of gathering, mix of model types etc. local club officials, event organizers or other assigned responsible persons shall provide interpretation, clarification and enhancements as necessary to ensure safe flight.

1. All members shall review and comply with the MAAC Safety Code, the specific rules of any special interest category and any rules established for the specific flying site and/or event.

2. The Safety Code and its attachments may be amended from time to time. All members shall review these documents for any such changes. Notification of all changes approved by the Board of Directors will be posted on the MAAC Web site as well as recorded in Model Aviation Canada in a prominent location so identified and will include the effective date of the changes.

3. No member shall operate a model aircraft in a careless, reckless or otherwise dangerous manner that may pose a hazard to persons or property.

4. No member shall operate a model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or judgement impairing drugs.

5. No member shall operate a model aircraft in Canada weighing more than 35 kilograms (77.2 pounds) including fuel and payload unless he or she has a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada and has arranged for his or her own insurance coverage. Members are further cautioned that any model weighing more than the above limit is considered by Transport Canada to be an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) and may be subject to Air Regulations not normally applicable to model aircraft as defined.

6. No member shall operate a model aircraft at a location where it is prohibited by law.

7. No member shall create a hazard by carrying in or dropping from a model aircraft any object that may endanger persons or property.

8. No member shall allow projectiles to be launched from the ground with the intent of damaging or destroying a model aircraft.

9. No member shall fly a model aircraft at a location or in a manner that is or is likely to be hazardous to full-scale aircraft.

We even have rules in place for multi-rotor aircraft or “Drones” as they are more often referred to…

Multi-rotor Model Aircraft are craft that achieve lift and therefore flight from three or more vertically mounted electric motors each driving a propeller mounted in the horizontal plane. All are controlled by a conventional R/C system augmented by some form of stabilization system consisting of gyros which control the amount of electrical current supplied to each of the motors independently in order to stabilize the model. All members operating multi-rotor models shall adhere to the following rules.

1.All multi-rotor models flown by R/C direct line of sight at a MAAC registered club flying site shall adhere to the rules for General Category R/C models contained in MSD 6 in so far as their unique flight characteristics permit.

2. All multi-rotor models flown using FPV (First Person View) devices shall adhere to the rules for the use of First Person View Devices contained in MSD 8.

3.All multi-rotor models flown at locations other than registered MAAC club flying sites such as parks or private property shall adhere to the rules contained in MSD 19 – Small Park Flyers/Park Flying.

4. Use of auto-pilot systems providing self guidance control of the model are limited in their use on condition that the model must remain within direct unaided visual line of sight at all times and that the auto-pilot may be over-ridden and hands-on control of the model regained by the pilot at any time through a single switch.

5.All members shall fly in a manner that takes into account that multi-rotor models rely entirely on the lift generated by the propellers to remain airborne. Any interruption in power will therefore result in an immediate and uncontrolled descent. Multi-rotor models shall never be flown over any area where there is the possibility of injury to people or damage to property.

6. All members shall ensure that prior to flight, all systems both manual and automatic self guidance are properly set and operating correctly and that the means to switch between manual and automatic modes is fully understood.

As you see we are a responsible group of folks who have fun…in a safe manner 🙂 

Come join us!


*** Safety Alert from Transport Canada regarding flying near forest fires